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Hinged Aluminium Secondary Glazing

Hinged Secondary Glazing

Our hinged secondary glazing can either be butt hinged, friction hinged or parallel friction hinged, each has it’s own advantages and disadvantages. Generally hinged secondary glazing lends itself to use in hard to treat areas such as bay windows and other specialist applications. It is ideal for large glass areas where quick and easy regular access is required. i.e. for maintenance, ventilation or cleaning.

Butt hinged units open to around 150° giving a large clear opening for full access to the existing windows. Friction hinged units open to around 65° providing a large opening. The friction hinges allow the panel to be held in any given position, regulating ventilation. Parallel hinged or PIP™ secondary provides a restricted opening for controlled, secure ventilation. Hinged units can also be combined with Lift Out units, making them perfect for specialist applications.

Butt Hinged Secondary Glazing

Secondary Glazing Butt Hinged

Butt Hinged secondary glazing comes either as single or double butt hinged. The butt hinges give a large clear opening, which allows for full and easy access to the existing windows for maintenance and ventilation.

secondary glazing system   secondary glazing system  

Friction Hinged Secondary Glazing

Secondary Glazing Friction Hinged

Our Friction Hinged units are single panel units and come in either side or top hung variants. Although the maximum opening for friction hinged units is less than butt hinged units, they can hold the panel open at any given angle up to the maximum.

secondary glazing system   secondary glazing system  

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